• Harry Hewett was born in Australia, where he spent most of his life, before heading off to travel the world for 7 months, prior to making London home for several years. He lived in various UK counties, before deciding to live in Goa, India, for 5 years. Since the end of 2019 he has resided in Cardiff, Wales, where he has been slowly developing the Mahua Spirit and Liqueur throughout the pandemic, which has proved to be quite trying and a very slow process.  He is sure, however, that the wait and all the patience underpinning it, will be well worth it.

  • Harry formed the company Alkohl Ltd in 2019, with the view of producing alcohol that has been in hiding in various countries. He is currently concentrating on alcohol produced by fermenting and distilling the Mahua Flower, a tree indigenous to India.

New Unique Spirit & Liqueur made from the flowers of the Mahua Tree

Alkohl Ltd is proud to present, not only a new spirit and liqueur to the world, but one that is very unique and created according to traditional methods. Made from the flowers of the Mahua Tree [ mah-hwah \ ˈmä(h)wə \ or mohwa \ ˈmō(w)ə ], which are indigenous to India, this is thought to be the world’s only spirit made from a flower. We are naturally very excited to finally be able to bring this silky smooth spirit and liqueur to your table.

Both products have been 'Certified' by The Vegan Society

  • Mahua is an exciting new alcoholic break-through brand for 2022, ready to take the UK by storm, by ironically presenting the country with a ‘new’ yet highly traditional tipple, known to Brits in India, at the time of the Raj, but suppressed in favour of gin.

  • The all-new Alkohl version of Mahua is ready to reverse that and put gin in the shade. This superior and unique spirit and liqueur is determined to wow private homes and hospitality establishments across the UK and give this traditional Indian spirit the platform is has long deserved.

  • Mahua will stay ‘quiet’ no longer. This sophisticated, original and exciting brand is ready to shout about its amazing story, the ritual involved in its enjoyment and its unique flavour. Mahua has been a long time in the making but all the best things are worth waiting for.

  • Alcohol comes from the Arabic word Al Kohl which is a strange origin, especially since that part of the world most people will never, ever drink alcohol. It has nothing to do with a liquid, nor an intoxicating substance of any kind. It referred to a fine black powder used as a dark eye-coloring cosmetic. Around the 16th century the word was borrowed into English by way of Latin. Alcohol later came to refer to anything obtained through sublimation, and through distillation, including a fluid. The name was applied to spirits created by the distillation, and then as the spirit of any fermented liquid.

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