Traditional Ways To Drink

The Namaste ritual encompasses respect and the giving of thanks to the Mahua tree and its goddess and my product will be accompanied by a hidden shot glass, to both enable the ritual to absorb UK drinkers and to cleverly evoke the 'hidden in plain sight' aspect of Mahua and its delights for those willing to enjoy its clandestine pleasures.  

During the downing of Mahua, the ritual requires the acknowledgement of drinking companions, a dramatic rolling of the eyes to indicate pleasant impact (true Indian folk theatre); and individualistic Bollywood freestyle dance moves.  These should all be accompanied with the chant 'Namaste' and can be done standing (ideally) or sitting down.

  • 1. Lift their Mahua shot glass, containing the precious liquid, and cup it in 'Namaste' folded hands

  • 2. Lift their folded hands all the way upwards, above the head, and then bring it down to chest level, following this hand motion with their eyes.

  • 3. Offer light bows to their drinking companions, with a pleasant smile.

  • 4. Lift their folded hands to their mouth, pause, and throw their head back, whilst draining the shot glass in one.

  • 5. Give a rousing 'Namaste' cheer, followed by a wobble of the head.  

  • 6. Not be shy; Bollywood style dancing is greatly encouraged!

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With extraordinary taste, a party feel and this theatrical celebration to accompany it in the spirit of authenticity, Mahua has it all.  It is the complete new 2020s drink for those for whom it is time to do something vibrant, avant-garde and fun.  Mahua may have a compelling past but we believe its future will be even more exceptional.  It is the product we are convinced will take the market by storm, following a year in which the clouds weighed everyone down.  It is the new gin, only better.