The Story

  • It’s very rare to be able to say you are launching the unique.  However, that is precisely what ALKOHL LTD is proud and privileged enough to do.  A unique and amazing spirit and liqueur is hovering in the wings and about to take centre stage in the UK.  We believe it will generate the wow factor.

    These are products with a compelling backstory.  It is my own story, of life and adventures in India, where I discovered what I am now bringing to the UK, or should I say, “stumbled upon.”  When you uncover something too good not to share, you simply have to develop a business plan to do that.  That’s precisely what I did. Consequently, I feel my five years living in Goa and extensive travels in India have not been wasted.  I am convinced UK consumers will feel the same.  After all, how often do they get to experience what has been hidden for centuries? 

  • So what is this incredible discovery?  In one word, it’s Mahua.  Both Mahua spirit and liqueur are made from the flower of the Mahua tree – a tree truly special, as it is only found in India.  As a unique distillate of the sun-dried, nectar-rich flowers of the tree that shares its name, Mahua spirit has a centuries-long, vibrant cultural history.  It is the preferred tipple of the indigenous tribal people of Central India, and also rumored to be the elixir of gods and the weakness of deities!   In the Indian sub-continent, It is so venerated that it forms a part of all celebrations enjoyed by India’s original people – the Adivasis – whether they are celebrating births, the passing of loved ones or the joy of a marriage.  Oh, and perhaps I should add here, Mahua is the only spirit in the world made from a flower. I told you it is unique.

New Unique Spirit & Liqueur made from the flowers of the Mahua Tree

  • The Adivasis consider the Mahua tree the embodiment of Mother Nature herself and it is undoubtedly their “Tree of Life”, providing them with food, drinks, medicine, fuel, and fodder.  Forests may be cleared, but the Mahua trees remain standing, their ownership safely in the hands of Adivasi families. The sun-dried flowers of the tree are a ready source of cash for tens of millions of tribal people across Central India.  They are precious and revered.

  • Mahua flowers can be consumed, bartered for grain and other essentials, or sold for cash, which comes in handy for costly life events, such as marriages, festivals and medical emergencies. Over 95% of the estimated 500,000 tons of harvested flowers are used by tens of millions of tribals to distill alcohol that is unique to India.  Mahua is truly a national treasure that has been hidden for decades in plain sight.  The Mahua is undisputedly central to life.

  • Ever since the colonial era, and still today, tribal Mahua spirit making has been tightly controlled by the authorities, often made illegal and shrouded in unjustified shame.  During the British Raj, Western spirits and Indian-flavoured ENA products simulating them, made their entry, flooding the Indian market.  The sipping of gin on the terrace soon became a statement of class within urban circles.   The victim was Mahua which, along with other traditional local alcohols, was relegated to the status of a lowly country spirit, to be wary of, if you were a city-dweller and suppressed at all costs.  A non-standardised process and the now illegal Mahua trade spread their roots in the villages and back alleys of towns.  High-quality tribal Mahua was in danger of being lost for all time, as the authorities not only banned the distillation of the Mahua flower but also its collection and sale, striking at the heart of the Adivasi way of life and cultural heritage. 

  • The very second that I learned about the rich history related to the Mahua tree and this spirit, I was hooked and intrigued.  My journey has been one focused on resurrecting this brilliant spirit and giving it its rightful place on the world’s drink scene – a place of esteem not shame.  It truly is time for things to come full circle and for the ‘colonials’ to now embrace what they once shunned.

    Utilising the skills of Brains Brewery and Hensol Castle Distillery here in Wales, we have managed to ferment and distil in such a way as to bring the very best out of the Mahua flower.  The result of our dedication and love, is a first-class Mahua Spirit and Mahua Liqueur, which we can bring to you, thanks to having followed traditional methods and learned our craft well.

    I hope that these few words manage to convey the way in which we have carefully crafted and nurtured this product and the pride that ALKOHL LTD feels in being able to bring Mahua Spirit and Liqueur to the UK, to share with you.   It is time for the UK to have a love affair with Mahua.

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