We have been amazed by the response of very excited mixologists who are looking forward to bring you a range of cocktails to enjoy. Both the Mahua Spirit and Liqueur can be enjoyed with almost any mixer you desire

Mahua Spirit cocktails

Mahua Sparkle

50ml Mahua spirit

20ml lemon

25ml agave water (2:1)


Clover club -

40ml Mahua spirit

15ml Bianco vermouth

15ml Raspberry

20ml lemon

10ml simple



Mojito - Highball

50ml Mahua Spirit

20ml lime

20ml simple




Caip - Rocks

50 Mahua Spirit

3/4 lime muddled

20ml simple

crushed ice


Old Fashioned -

50ml Mahua Spirit

10ml Agave (2:1)

3 dash angostura


Petite Mort

30ml Mahua  Spirit

150ml Coquelicot

12.5ml Citric Acid

1.5ml Honey

12.5ml Italicus

Stir and flower garnish


Smoky Meadow

35ml Mahua Spirit

15ml Cocchi Rosa

5ml Mezcal

5ml Lactic Vanilla

2 drops Peychauds


Mahua Liqueur

Mahua Sunshine

Mahua Liqueur over Ice with a rind of orange.

Mahua flower
power sour
- Rocks/Coupe

50ml Mahua liqueur

20ml lemon

20ml agave water (2:1)

Vegan Foamer

Espresso Martini
- Coupe

40ml Mahua Liqueur

20ml 77

20ml Solo

10ml simple



Old Fashioned -

50ml Mahua Liqueur

10ml Agave (2:1)

3 dash angostura


Mahua Colada

35 Mahua liqueur

15 coconut rum

20 lime

15 sugar

50 pineapple